Cottage 1


(Cottage 1 and Cottage 2 are semi-detached)

Joined Cottage 
​2 Double bedrooms and Spacious Open-Plan loft with 6 single beds.
Full bathroom (shower, bath, washbasin and toilet)
Towels. Open Plan Kitchen & Lounge area with indoor Fireplace , Flat screen TV with MiBox and 
Air-Conditioning in the Loft 
Outside braai area with Patio Overlooking the river and mountains with your very own KOLKOL Wood Fired Hot Tub .
-Mini Oven with 2 plate stove 
-Nespresso Machine

Picture yourself on a sunny afternoon, lounging on the comfortable hammock suspended between two sturdy posts on your patio. The gentle breeze brushes against your skin, carrying the subtle scents of nature that surround you.
In the corner of the patio, you see the beautiful KOLKOL Wood Fired Hot Tub, an elegant and eco-friendly addition to your outdoor oasis. The hot tub’s design blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings, making it a visually appealing. All you need to do is get in!

No smoking in cottages is allowed.

Check-in time:  14h00  |   Check-out time: 10h00 am